The Best Night Vision Baby Monitor in 2021

You already know by now that night vision is one of the most significant features of a baby monitor. And it is ideal for a parent that loves to watch their little one at night without making multiple trips to the baby’s room.

It lets you see your child well even when the light in their room is off. So you can know whether they are sound asleep or awake in the wee hours of the morning.

Unfortunately, many baby monitor brands haven’t paid enough attention to the quality of the night vision the same way they have to daytime video feed. And if they have, then not close enough.

For example, Levana Lila and Levana Astra have good daytime display on the parent unit, but they struggle to deliver clear video feed at night and the image quality isn’t even good.

Again, many units with video display promise the best results, but that’s only on paper. In practice, their performance is either average or completely disappointing altogether.

If you think about it, buying any monitor and hoping that it will give you the best results in night monitoring is often a hit or a miss. You get the best bang for your bucks if you are lucky. But the chances of buying a unit that won’t work well are also high.

The primary goal of this guide is to help you choose a baby monitor with the best night vision by recommending what works well for many parents.

We’ve put the ideal options in this list to not only save you time for research but also help you find what’s best for your little on in the shortest time possible.

Best Overall

Featuring a two-way audio channel, an air quality sensor, a temperature detector, and clear 1080p video, the Arlo Baby by Netgear is the overall best night vision baby monitor on this list.

Apart from the well-built, built-in speaker that can play lullabies to easily sooth a child away to sleep, Netgear’s Arlo Baby also boasts of a very clear night visual that lets you see your little one in complete darkness.

Arlo is easy to setup; you can place it on a dresser or mount it on a wall. It’s also easy to manage, thanks to the well-built mobile app.

The camera works when plugged in as well as on a rechargeable battery. But you only get about three hours of battery life. Although this Wi-Fi unit captures video in the 720p resolution by default, you can easily change to the 1080p option if you want to.

The Always Listening mode is a very important feature, as it sends out audio alerts from the camera to your smartphone every time there is a sound in your baby’s room.

Moreover, the ability to choose what notifications you want to receive is a good way to minimize the frequencies of these alerts. You cannot pan or tilt the camera remotely, so you will have to position it manually.

What to Look for in a Baby Monitor with a Good Night Vision

A Decent Range

Range is quite a big factor when it comes to choosing a baby monitor that has a good night vision.

Sure, your baby’s room is more than likely close to yours. So a single wall between the both of you won’t interfere with the signals.

But if you live in a bigger house and your child’s room is quite a distant from your bedroom, say upstairs, then effective operation range does come into play. In  such a case, it would be ideal to choose a long range baby monitor for your child.

Choose a baby monitor that has a decent range, not just on paper but also in practice. The likes of AXVUE E362 and ANMEATE have quite a decent coverage, so they’ll serve this purpose quite well.

Video Clarity

If the daytime video feed isn’t clear and image quality is poor, chances are the night vision won’t cut it for you.

The last thing you want to do is to struggle to see your little one every night, especially in complete darkness. So pay close attention to the clarity of the video before spending your money on the unit.

You need to see your baby’s face clearly at night, check if there are movements in the nursery, confirm if they are awake, and if possible monitor their breathing at night.

You can’t do all these if the video quality of the night images is subpar. So choose a unit that has the best video feed quality for both daytime and nighttime display.

Remote Control

This may not be something ideal to look at, but it is still important nonetheless.

The ability to pan, tilt, and zoom the camera remotely from the parent unit can help you to navigate your child’s room without making any trip there.

It is obvious that you won’t tilt, zoom, or pan the unit all the time anyway, so this might just be an additional feature to look at when making your purchase decision.

Ease of use

Since the working concept of baby monitors look quite simple on paper, some people like to assume that using these devices is easy as well.

But that’s far from the reality.

From difficulty in setting up and skimming through manuals to understand how the devices work, some units can be quite a pain in the ass.

It’s important to remember that baby monitoring devices aren’t made equal. If you are buying online, read reviews to find out the ease of use of these devices. If you plan to buy locally, make sure you test it before making a full payment.

Still on the ease of use, make sure the navigation buttons are properly labeled and the controls correctly placed.

And if you must, make sure you check the manual of the monitor you want to buy online to learn more about the controls and what they do.

The Best Night Vision Baby Monitors

1. AXVUE E600 Video Baby Monitor

AXVUE E600 Video Baby Monitor

AXVUE E600 features a high-resolution display for a comprehensive view of the nursery.

And if you take a closer look at the camera, you will notice that they are quite small in size.

But that does not mean that the quality of the night vision is poor.

Thanks to the infrared night vision, you can get the best view of your child even in complete darkness.

The night temperature in the nursery isn’t really something you’d want to check every time.

But if it is a lot more significant to you, the ANMEATE’s built-in temperature sensor should enable you to monitor the heat level with ease.

The two-way talk feature, which covers a transmission range of up to800 feet, allows you to speak with your baby whenever necessary.

Unfortunately, this unit does not have any preset lullabies. So you will just have to use your own voice through the two-way talk function to communicate with your young one.

AXVUE E600 has a decent battery life. The rechargeable lithium ion battery can last for approximately 8 hours on, which is quite a good options for mothers/fathers that don’t like to leave the parent unit plugged in all day.

2. HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby HB32 Wireless Video Baby Monitor

HelloBaby HB32 may not be as popular as the Infant Optics DXR-8, but it is well rated and its overall performance is commendable.

Take its video display unit, for example.

If you compare it to what Lila or Astra gives, you will realize that the quality of the video feed, displayed on a 3.2-inch LCD display, is far much better than the competition.

To start with, this unit has a decent operation range, with up to 960 feet of signal transmission with minimal obstruction.

With this coverage, you can watch your baby from almost anywhere around the house.

However, do keep in mind that the effectiveness of the range is subject to obstruction and may not be as precise as advertised on paper.

The HB32 gives you options to communicate with your child. You can play any of the 8 preset lullabies to calm them down when they cry or to soothe them away to sleep.

But if you are not a fan of baby music, or you don’t prefer using the feature nearly as much, you can use the two-way talk communication channel to soothe them with your own voice.

HelloBaby HB32 also makes seeing your child at night quite fun, if you ask me. That’s because the night vision is very clear, with the color of the video feed in black and white.

If you look at the camera closely, you will notice that there are 10 infrared lights. They enhance the quality and vibrancy of the night vision, so you can easily see your little one even in complete darkness.

Apart from the temperature function that lets you monitor the heat level in the nursery, the HB3 features a mute mode that eliminates background noises for clear communication between you and the child.

3. AXVUE E632 Video Baby Monitor

AXVUE E632 Video Baby Monitor

Editor’s Rating

AVXUE E632 is not common in many households.

Yet despite its rarity, it can generate high quality, real-time videos right at the palm of your hand.

Built with close attention to the most critical details, this device is packed with all the necessary features that you need to stay connected to your little one day and night.

The daytime images displayed on the 5.0-inch LCD screen are clear and crisp.

The performance of the infrared night vision isn’t disappointing either, because you are able to see your baby clearly even in complete darkness.

The LED light indicator, located right at the top of the parent unit, lets you detect the level of sound in the nursery, even if the audio is turned off.

You can also choose to turn off the video and stream audio only if you would like to lengthen the battery life.

While I am more than willing to admit that leaving out preset lullabies was, frankly, a bad idea, AXVUE compensated this feature with the two-way communication system. This lets you soothe your child with your own voice, creating a lifelike sense of your presence in their room.

The rechargeable battery, takes just a few minutes to charge, gives you up to 8 hours of continuous video and audio feed on just a single charge.

While the effective coverage range of a monitoring device isn’t something that would bother you if you live in a small house, it’s definitely something to put into consideration if you live in a bigger apart and if you love to move in and outside the house a lot.

The AXVUE E632 has a very promising range, covering up to 800 feet before the audio and video signals weaken and eventually cut out.

4. BAIESHIJI Video Baby Monitor

BAIESHIJI Video Baby Monitor

Editor’s Rating

BAIESHIJI isn’t a monitor that many people ever talk of.

And frankly, it is not as popular in many households as Motorola MBP36. However, it packs the punch for just a couple of bucks.

To begin with, the night vision is as clear as the daytime video feed, except the images are displayed in black and white.

Thanks to the infrared night vision, which contributes to adjusting the camera’s level of light, the quality of the night images is as good as the content you see during the day.

BAIESHIJI also does a very good job when it comes to “keeping an eye” on the temperature in the nursery.

The sensor even has an integrated alert function that notifies if the child‘s room is uncomfortable due to excess temperature.

You will agree that the two-way communication system is quite an important feature.

When you and your baby are able to talk as if you are both in the same room, you create a sense of presence and assurance for your young one to know that you are right there, very close to them.

When they cry, you soothe them with your voice. When you want them to sleep, use the two-way talk to sing them a song that will drift them to sleep.

If you are the kind of parent that also loves pre-programmed lullabies, BAIESHIJI has four. These are helpful when you are too busy around the house to use the two-way communication. If anything, they are worth playing on a child’s first cry.

5. ANMEATE 2.4GHz Wireless Video Baby Monitor

ANMEATE 2.4GHz Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Editor’s Rating

ANMEATE may not be as outstanding as the Infant Optics DXR-5, but it is one such a well-designed night vision baby monitor that every parent would be proud of.

To start with, this is one of the most secure units out there.

The signals transferred via the 2.4GHz frequency are securely encrypted, hence less prone to hacking.

Since the signals are hard to decrypt, and since this is not an internet-based baby monitor, a hacker would have to spend days, if not weeks, to decrypt the signals.​

When it comes to night vision, this one definitely takes the cake. At night you can see your tot clearly, even in complete darkness, with the color of the video feed turning black and white – or dark/gray as many people like to call it.

When it comes to expansion, it’s quite a breeze with the ANMEATE.

Since the parent unit can connect with up to 3 cameras on the go, this unit is quite useful for keeping an eye on children in different rooms. It’s also a good option for monitoring babies who share the same room as well as those who sleep in the same nursery.

ANMEATE beats the competition hard when it comes to effective coverage range. And if you think about it, this is a good thing.

With a competitive coverage of up to 960 feet in open area, this unit covers quite a longer distance than many baby monitoring units on the market.

Then there is the communication option, a means through which parents can hear and talk back to their little ones without making trips to their rooms. Since the monitor guarantees audio clarity, the communication between a child and a mother/father should be clear, with minimal glitches if any.

When an infant cries, you can use the two-way talk function to calm them down. With this feature, you create a true sense of your presence in a baby’s, while in reality you are not even close to the nursery. You can calm them down with your voice or sing them a lullaby to drift them away to sleep.


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