Nest Cam Baby Monitor Review: Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for the most comprehensive Nest Cam baby monitor review, this guide is for you. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know to help you determine whether the unit is worth buying.

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Why Nest Cam Baby Monitor?

  • Nest Cam is a long range baby monitor. You can connect with your baby anywhere there is internet connection.
  • It doesn’t have the best sound clarity, but the quality of the image is great provided the internet connection is stable.
  • It features a two-way talk, system alerts, movement detection, 8X digital zoom, and a night vision that performs quite well.

About Nest Baby Monitor

about nest cam

After revolutionizing businesses and industries, surveillance cameras have now moved into people’s households, and even drawn closer to babies.

If you are reading this, you’ve probably heard about Nest Cam and you are wondering if it might be wise to buy one and use to watch your child, instead of going for devices that are meant entirely for this purpose.

First, it is important to understand that Nest Cam is NOT a baby monitor.

The camera is just a security surveillance gadget that parents have tried to experiment with and, so far, it seems to work well as a monitoring device.

Nest Cam is one of a wide range of smart home appliances that Nest Labs, an American tech company, deals in. Other products from Nest Labs include computerized smoke detectors, thermostats, and security systems.

Nest Cam and its counterpart, Nest Cam IQ, have attracted acclamation for their versatile, quick-to-install, quiet, energy efficient, and compact nature. It is, essentially, a smart camera, because it does a lot more than a normal camera would do.

Nest Cam also has some of the not-so-good things to talk about, too. The manufacturer doesn’t offer so many choices in terms of color and design.

And after buying it, you will have to part with monthly or annual subscription fees if you want to enjoy its full features.


With Nest Cam, it’s all about plug and play. There’s no fuss about lengthy configurations and IP address settings once you have a properly running Wi-Fi.

In addition, the only cabled component that you will deal with is that of its power adapter, which you need to connect to the mains.

This system is also expandable. In fact, if you’d like to add more details to your monitoring, like room temperature and humidity, Nest Cam allows this to do this with ease, as long as you attach additional sensors.

Before looking at some of the disadvantages of this gadget, below are some of the awesome things that you will be getting if you decide to use Nest Cam for a baby monitor:

It Watches and Listens

Nest Cam is a smart camera. It literally turns into your eye and ear wherever you put it, only that it’s even keener than the human eye.

Once plugged in, the camera goes on standby mode to save energy. But the slightest sound or movement within the room wakes it up immediately.

Is that an insect crawling on the wall? Is it someone’s shadow on the window? Nest Cam will capture the slightest of events and send you a notification immediately.

Nothing ever happens without its notice.

Many baby monitors lack the ability to take pictures. Nest Cam scores so well in this. Users can easily extract crisp clear still images from the recorded videos, create albums, and share them.

Virtual Storage

Nest Cam boasts a 1080p camera with 130-degree field view. Space management is a big issue in devices that record such high quality videos.

For only a few hours of recording under such power, you’d need a very large storage space. Luckily, Nest Cam offers cloud storage for unlimited hours of video recording.

Moreover, the video merging capability of this device enables the user to bring together various instances of recorded pictures and merge them into a smooth-flowing video.

This makes a wonderful choice, especially if you want to compile the exciting moments when the baby throws tantrums or is laughing.

In addition, one can quickly search for timestamps or scheme through recorded videos when they want to review particular instances.

Constant Notifications

nest app notification

If you happen to be a panicking parent, for whatever reason, Nest Cam Baby Monitor makes a good companion as it keeps you updated on almost everything that goes on in your baby’s room.

No movement or audio will occur in the room without Nest Cam telling you. To this device, even a slight toss and turn is worth reporting. You will also get to know when the child snores or snaps in their sleep.

This will go a long way in giving you peace of mind.

Outside Monitoring

outside monitoring

Majority of baby monitors are only for in-house applications. But sometimes the real actions happen outside and these, too, need to be captured.

You don’t have to confine crawling or walking toddler in the house anymore if you have Nest Cam. Let them enjoy playing in the yard as you monitor them with your cameras.

The advantage with nest cam is that you can attach more than one camera to the app to capture more angles and provide better details of the places that they want to keep track of.

Take note, however, that indoor Nest Cams are different from their outdoor versions.

The outdoor cameras have been toughened to withstand unfavorable weather conditions like excessive moisture or varying temperatures. Therefore, ensure that you ask specifically for outdoor camera if you are going to be using it in the yard.

Talkback Feature

Nest cam has a two-way sound transfer. People on both ends can therefore communicate efficiently.

If your young one, for instance, decides to wake up and play at a time when they should be asleep, you can simply tell them to go back to bed without having to walk to their bedroom.

Amazingly, despite small, compact nature, the speakers are very powerful. Their noise canceling mechanism also ensures that they produce qualitative audio that enhance communication.

Disadvantages of Nest Baby Monitor

Now that you have seen the immense reasons why using Nest Cam as a baby monitor is such a reasonable idea, it is time to look at the reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea to buy Nest Cam and go for the likes of Infant Optics DXR-8 or a simple unit like the MBP36 by Motorola instead.

Over Reliance on Other Gadgets

It is important to keep in mind that Nest Cam does not have a dedicated receiver. Instead, the manufacturer expects you to use your phone or PC to operate the cameras.

This can be inconvenient to people who do not want to add another app to their phones.

In addition, some phone’s operating systems do not support the Nest Aware app and logging into the website version using a browser at times can be very slow.

Privacy Concerns

baby monitor hacking

Although the Nest Aware servers are encrypted and are among the safest places to store your data, the possibility of somebody hacking into your Wi-Fi and accessing your videos still exists.

To avoid falling victim of hacking, use strong encryption such as WPA2 for your Wi-Fi network and ensure that you don’t leave any of your devices to run with their default passwords.

Also, set strong passwords for internet gadgets and keep changing the keys as often as possible.

Nest Aware isn’t Entirely Free

nest aware costs

When buying a device, one expects to enjoy its full package without paying additional cash. With Nest Cam, however, you still need to pay periodical subscription fees to access all the benefits.

This is rather discouraging, right?

But then again, many people who have subscribed to Nest Aware say that it is worth it.

And if you aren’t interested in old videos, you can still enjoy the free version of Nest Aware, which allows access to videos recorded in the last three hours.

The Problem with Notifications

notifications problems

In case of an event, Nest Cam sends either a push message or email to the user’s phone.

However, the tone of the Nest app is quite brief and barely audible in some phones, raising concerns that one might fail to hear incoming alerts.

Another issue with the alert system is the frequent notification. Since Nest Cam reports every occurrence, it tends to flood the phone with notifications, some of which are unnecessary.

And to be frank, someone like me, who doesn’t like my phone pinging all the time when I am busy at work, does find this quite annoying.

Limited Design Options

Nest Cam and Nest Cam IQ only come in two colors: Black and white.

All cameras are also similar in shape, thereby denying users access to different shape and color varieties.

It is still not clear why the manufacturer hasn’t yet experimented with “baby-like” designs.

There is even no color at night.

Although Nest Cams can “see” in the dark, images captured at night are not colored.

This is a common failure of all images produced through infrared rays; but a reputable company like Nest Labs should have figured out by now how to add color to the night vision video feed.

No Music or Integrated Sensor

limited design options

Many baby monitors out there have music to entertain the baby. It’s unfortunate that Nest Cams does not have these preset lullabies.

If it were necessary that you get a unit that has this feature enabled, then it would be best to consider something like Levana Astra or the Levana Lila.

It is important to keep in mind that while Nest Cam baby monitor supports temperature and humidity monitoring, it does not have integrated sensors. The user has to buy these separately.

Our Overall Verdict

Nest Cam has many features that can make it suitable for use as a baby monitor.

It is easy to set up, and the interactive features such as video zooming, pinching, and editing are amazing.

The high quality cameras also generate images in the darkness, although with a compromise on color.

On the other hand, the user has to bear with monthly subscription fees to enjoy everything about the camera. Nest Cam also doesn’t have music to entertain the baby and has no built-in temperature or humidity sensors.

Overall, Nest Cam beats majority of surveillance gadgets and can compete well against the most popular baby monitors currently in the market. Try it yourself.